Melodic metal sounds from Harvey Headbanger have been searing ear drums in the Cedar Rapids and Eastern Iowa music scene for quite some time.  The latest effort from the band, entitled "Keep Bangin' It" is a driving rawk anthem which pounds that point.  After being classified as a cover act for most of the band's existence, this latest work totally breaks from that mantra and depicts the band's true emotions.  Using the years of experience from rawking bars, the band knows what works to make a show kick ass.  Check 'em out at a venue near you! 

Rawk - Roll. No other form of existence satisfies this guy. Whether it’s a 70’s re-make, a new cover hit, or an original masterpiece, he plays with the same enthusiasm. Harv knows that he's hearing a great song when goose bumps appear all over his body. If the adrenalin that his body manufactures for a show could be tapped, the world's energy problems would be solved. This man cannot stand still on stage.

Harv plays Les Paul guitars exclusively, amplified through Marshall and Line 6 power.
Rich "Free" Bryan :
When I'm playing music I'm in heaven. It completely Free s my soul. Hence I am Free. Any guitar will do. Hand me a guitar and I will make it sound as good as it possibly can. I use a variety of different guitars...doesn't matter. Bugera and Vox amps are my sound at the moment...but definately nothing exclusive.

Patrick "Animal" Geasland :
Patrick aka "Animal" Geasland is known for his aggressive attack and dynamic versatility while playing many styles drumming around Eastern Iowa.

Patrick plays with Vic Firth sticks on Remo heads, and DW Pacific drums.




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