Hard rocking Harvey Headbanger has been tearing up the Cedar Rapids, and Eastern Iowa since Friday, July 13, 2007. "The band name originally came from a dream I had that I was at a show and I saw myself in a band called Harvey Headbanger. Everyone in the room was calling me Harvey," recalls Harvey.
    When asked about the band's "live" shows, Harvey stated, "I can’t stand still on stage. The music makes me move. The rest of the guys don’t just stand there and play either. Nobody wants to go see a band stand there looking bored. That’s why most people say they are going to “see” a band, not “hear” a band. The energy we create gets the crowd going, which then gets us pumped up even more. We feed off the crowd, and then they do the same from us."

Lives to rock, and rocks to live. No other form of existence satisfies this guy. Whether it’s a 70’s re-make, a new cover hit, or an original masterpiece, he plays with the same enthusiasm. Harv knows that he's hearing a great song when goose bumps appear all over his body. If the adrenalin that his body manufactures for a show could be tapped, the world's energy problems would be solved. This man cannot stand still on stage.

Harv plays Les Paul guitars exclusively, amplified through Marshall and Line 6 power.
Dan Dice:
I love it when a song comes together...
When the sound is just perfect...
That's what draws me to the stage,
To feel the energy from the show,
And see the crowds screamin' more, more, more...
Been there before... Badd Boyz...Whiplash...etc.
But I'm back with a vengeance! This time like never before...
I'm sing'n through a Shure microphone and Lexicon, Digitech,
TC- Helicon etc...
My passion is a Full throttle, High energy performance... 
From old to new we're comin' through...
Now...This is Headbangin'''...
Terry McDowell :
Ted Reilly:

New HH songs coming soon!!!


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